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Re: [aspectj-users] Newbie - need very basic examples - AspectJ annotation style

As Ross says, the developers notebook is still the best place to find that info.  Here is a demo program:

import org.aspectj.lang.annotation.*;
import org.aspectj.lang.*;

class TrackExceptions {

  // Detect after throwing advice to catch methods that throw exceptions:
        @Pointcut("execution(* *(..))  && within(Demo)") 
        void interestingMethods() {} 
        @AfterThrowing(pointcut = "interestingMethods()", throwing = "t") 
        public void logException(JoinPoint thisJoinPoint, Throwable t) { 
 System.err.println("Exception thrown at "+thisJoinPoint.getSourceLocation()+".  Exception was "+t);

        @Before("handler(Throwable+) && args(t) && within(Demo)")
        public void watchHandler(JoinPoint thisJoinPoint, Throwable t) { 
 System.err.println("Entered exception handler at "+thisJoinPoint.getSourceLocation()+".  Exception was "+t);
public class Demo {
  public static void main(String[]argv) {
    System.err.println("Calling method with handler");
    new Demo().run2();

    System.err.println("Calling method that throws exception");
    new Demo().run();

  public void run() {
    throw new RuntimeException();

  public void run2() {
    try {
      throw new RuntimeException();
    } catch (RuntimeException re) {


2008/8/28 Ross Cohen <ross.cohen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
It's true that the online documentation is not terribly organized, and that
examples of many common cases are missing.    But the information
*is* there -- you just have to dig for it.    A lot of what you're looking
for will be in the developers notebook (which has most of the annotation style


CheapLisa wrote:

My IDE only supports annotation style with AspectJ and I am in need of
examples for annotation style.  I bought a book (no examples with annotation
style) and have read a lot of documentation but can not get this one simple
thing to work.

1) Example of an aspect that runs after any Throwable and logs the exception
(cause, message) + stack trace (any throwable anywhere Runtime exception or
checked exception.

2) Example same as the above (run after any Throwable) but limited to any
Throwable in a specific package like "com.mycompany.*"

I found examples that are non-annotation style, tried to translate them to
annotation style but they did not work.  This is such a common thing I
believe someone will have an example they can attach, email or paste into
this response.

I recently inherited a big blob of code and believe there are all sorts of
things going on under the hood that I can't see.  This would help me log any
exception anywhere and see what may be going awry.

I believe if I had examples of the @Pointcut and @After I could fill in the
body of the method to do what I need.  I'm just not sure how to catch every
throwable and then write another one that will catch every throwable given a
package name.


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