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[aspectj-users] Program compiles fine with AJDT, fails with iajc ant task

I used Eclipse 3.4/AJDT ( to develop my AspectJ
program. It compiles fine using the integrated compiler. However when
I try to build the same program with the iajc ant task (from AspectJ
1.6.1), some of my declared errors get triggered.

More specifically, I have an annotation that I want to be able to
apply only on methods of classes that implement a particular
interface. So I have this declaration in an aspect:

	declare error:
		execution(@Scheduled * (! IJobSchedulerProvider+).*(..))
		: "@Scheduled method must belong to a IJobSchedulerProvider";

There is no violation of this constraint in my program, and this works
well in AJDT.
However, iajc reports an error if a method has the annotation and
belongs to an abstract class, even if the class does implement the
interface. Is that a bug, or am I doing something that has borderline


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