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[aspectj-users] Compile error

I have an interface like this:

public interface EventListener<EVENTTYPE>
	<EV extends EVENTTYPE> void handle(EV event);

And I'm creating a class that implements it such as:

EventListener<SomeEvent> s = new EventListener<SomeEvent>() {
			public <V extends SomeEvent> void handle(final V event)
// ...

I have tried it in non-anonymous case as well.
Compilation gives an error saying:

The type new EventListener<SomeEvent>(){} must implement the inherited
abstract method EventListener<SomeEvent>.handle(EV)

When using the eclipse or javac compiler, there is no error.

To complicate the question, I'm using maven for build, this for the compiler:

And I think that results in aspectj 1.5.4 being used, though if you
know how to change it so it will use more recent, please tell me.


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