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RE: [aspectj-users] Alternative to glassbox?

Hi Ashley,
I have not seen many stripped down variants of Glassbox out there, or rather, none that were worth it. So we rolled out our own.
It would take an engineer about two-three weeks to write up a custom solution, and have it fully tested. There are several articles on the topic if you Google for them. There are two commercial products that provide online documentation, from which you can glean some design hints, and they may in some capacity also serve as examples of what not to do.
Best wishes,

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Just wondering if anybody knows of an alternative to glassbox for investigating performance. Glassbox looks great except for the following:

1. We want to monitor other virtual machines, not just a jboss one so a war component is no good to us

2. Additionally our api is asynchronous so performance based on around() advice for a single join point is no
good to us: methods return almost immediately. So we want to test usually across 2 join points - eg the first
when a message is sent (asynchronously ) and the second when it eventually arrives at in a jms queue for example.

If there is nothing else out there then I'm sure we can come up with a custom solution.

- Ashley Williams

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