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[aspectj-users] aspectjweaver Memory leak ?

Context :

- JVM IBM 1.5.0 AIX 64 bits

- LTW weaving classes in packages ( WebMethod IS server). The application is big


I got a memory leak, with a lot of aspectj classes in the heapdump.

Examples :

-          590 000 instances of org.aspectj.ReferenceType

-          430 000 instances of org.aspectj.UnresolvedType

-          418 000 instances of org.aspectj.ResolvedType

-          280 000 instances of org.aspectj. ResolvedMemberImpl


AspectJ Development build of 22032008 (but I am not sure).


In aop.xml, in the weaver element,  I have *not* exclude AspectJ package ( org.aspectj..) and I have *not* exclude my own aspect

In the heapdump my aspect is shown once ( default persingleton scope)

The number of classes woven is less than 50.


Do you think is a bug?


Cordialement / Best regards


Jean-Louis Pasturel



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