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Re: [aspectj-users] Incremental compiler enhancements

Hi Andy,

now I'm really looking forward to the new release. Feels a bit like Christmas. ;-)

Thanks for all the work (and the bug fixes :-)!


> I've committed some changes discussed in
> .
> What does this mean?  It means snappier compiles for a workspace
> containing multiple AJDT projects that depend on each other, or depend
> on JDT projects.
> Your mileage may vary, but here are some numbers for working on a
> codebase containing 4 AJDT projects in a dependency chain.  After
> adding a public method to a type in the project at the top of the
> dependency chain, the following numbers are for 'old' AJDT (averaged
> over a few runs):
> compile project one: 600ms
> compile project two: 1188ms (full build)
> compile project three: 9500ms (full build)
> compile project four: 3034ms (full build)
> total=14322ms
> Now with the changes in
> compile project one: 500ms
> compile project two: 210ms (incremental build)
> compile project three: 800ms (incremental build)
> compile project four: 300ms (incremental build)
> total=1810ms
> So total build time for the change is reduced by about 87%.
> For an AJDT project depending on a JDT project.  I change a type in
> the JDT project but it is not a type that the AJDT project actually
> cares about (is not referenced):
> Old AJDT:  Compile time of AJDT project = 6200ms (full build)
> New AJDT: Compile time of AJDT project = 500ms (incremental build)
> These changes are in AJDT dev build available now
> from the dev update site for Eclipse 3.3.
> feedback appreciated - good or bad.
> Andy.
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