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Re: [aspectj-users] Matching based on method parameter value

On 31/03/2008, Ed <afreak@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Sorry, I didn't explain my example very well.
> Here's my case:
> I would like to match
> System.out.println("constant string");
> But, I do not want to match println from:
> public void foo(String runtimeGeneratedString)
>  {
>    System.out.println("fooooo" + runtimeGeneratedString);
> }
> Unfortunately, call(* *..*.*(String)) will match both cases.
> From a static perspective (compile-time weaving), this looks like an easy
> thing to do, but if using load time weaving, I'm not sure how aspectJ
> would/could do this.

Cannot do that right now with AspectJ.

> Going off on a tangent...which may help solve my problem in a different way.
>  To what degree can I limit aspectJ's matching behavior?  I know you can do
> things like !within() or !withincode(), but those limit you to package,
> class, or method scope (com.example.*, com.example.Class,
> Is it at all possible to match the 3rd method call
> of bar() within foo() or even only instrument the method on line XX of my
> code (assuming debugging symbols included).

Can't do that statically with AspectJ either - you can keep counters
in advice to indicate X'th time something is called or look at
joinpoint source location for line number, but not statically, just in
your advice.


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