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[aspectj-users] LTW javax package & dyanmic class loading

Hello all,
I have two questions, both pretty advanced I would think.
My first question relates to weaving of Java core packages. I have searched the internet for *working* examples, but I don't seem to be able to find any. Could someone please supply me a working example of weaving a java class. For example, the following aspect should go around any setVisible call, ie:
import java.awt.*;
import javax.swing.*;
public aspect MyAspect
  void around(Window window): target(window) && call(void Window.setVisible(boolean))
With aop.xml:
 <weaver options="-Xset:weaveJavaPackages=true">
  <include within="*"/>
  <include within="java..*"/>
  <include within="javax..*"/>
   <aspect name="MyAspect"/>
However, it doesn't work. Can someone make this work?
The other question relates to a custom classloader. Again, searching the internet gave me useful insight, but not precisely what I was looking for, neither are there many examples. What I would like todo is associate certain aspects with certain classes -- at runtime. Formulated as a solution:
A custom weave classloader which loads the target class and weaves my defined aspects.
I haven't made much progress with this problem. Mostly because the Javadocs are useless. The best I got was creating a new WeavingURLClassLoader, but I couldn't get it to work with my arguments.. I must be doing something wrong in the formatting. Thereby, I would rather have to give it a path to an aop.xml, as to be able to declare aspects in a separate file.
I hope I gave enough details for both questions.. hopefully someone can help me.

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