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[aspectj-users] Re: aspectj runtime library update site

Hi Andy,

I've created a striped feature version of org.eclispe.aspectj which includes
the runtime feature. This way one could install the runtime only and the
feature data for the runtime is not duplicated. I've put both into a tar
file which is attached to this post.



Andy Clement wrote:
> Hi Enrico,
> If you raise an enhancement and contribute the contents of the update
> site feature, we may be able to host that alongside regular AJDT.
> cheers
> Andy.
> On 25/03/2008, Enrico Schnepel <enrico.schnepel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> hello,
>>  i am distributing some plugins for eclipse which are using the aspectj
>>  runtime lib. as it is a very large overhead for just-using-the-plugins
>>  to download the complete ajdt, it would be very nice to have an update
>>  site i could refer to, where only the runtime libs are published. this
>>  could also the original ajdt update site but with an additional feature
>>  for the runtime libs. currently i have my own from ajdt copied and
>>  striped-down feature containing only the one relevant plugin and
>>  distributing it with the same update site as my plugins but i really
>>  like more the idea of using the original ajdt-update site.
>>  any comments?
>>  Enrico
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