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Re: [aspectj-users] Websphere, outdated aspectjrt.jar

Try this:

ajc -Xajruntimetarget:1.2


<iajc ...... X="ajruntimetarget:1.2" .... >


On 18/03/2008, Pavel <pagrus@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Greetings,
> I noticed that woven classes do not deploy on WAS 6.1 due to old version of
> aspectjrt.jar in server lib folder. It all works fine on JBoss.
> Changing anything outside of my application EAR is not an option, especially
> when it comes to server libraries.
> Currently there is only one aspect for tracking domain object "dirtiness".
> The pointcut captures execution of set* methods, and around advice uses
> JoinPointStaticPart to invoke corresponding getter and compare result
> against value being set. The aspect is woven at build time with <iajc>.
>  As I understand, JoinPointStaticPart is what makes classes dependent on
> aspectjrt.jar, but I'm not sure if the aspect can be implemented without it.
> Can you please suggest a way out? To me this issue looks like a bold
> showstopper - you cannot build production-ready applications for WAS 6.x
> with AspectJ 1.5. I was hoping there is some sort of non-intrusive known
> solution/workaround.
>  My last resort is to drop AspectJ and try to get away with spring proxies,
> but this will make things harder, and possibly slower.
> Thanks,
> Pavel
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