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Re: [aspectj-users] Weaving core Java classes


Thanks for the reply Eric.

At the moment I am just concerned with static weaving, e.g. inserting a new constructor to classes. So I think rt.jar weaving should work for me, but need to clarify some things first: 1. Does AspectJ provide a native/straightforward solution for weaving into rt.jar or is it some kind of a workaround? 2. Can we take out the woven code from the rt.jar? (I personally think it's not possible due to the complexity of the involved tasks)



Eric Bodden wrote:
Hello, Hendrik.

There may be "hacks" to get around this, but to my best knowledge,
ajc's load time weaver does share those limitations. I have heard of
people though who successfully wove into rt.jar statically. Whether
this works or not probably depends on what your aspect does, though.


On 17/03/2008, Hendrik <slackiz@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 I just found out recently that in Java, a custom class loader cannot
 load core Java classes, i.e. classes located in java.* -- an exception
 will be thrown if we attempt to do this.

 So, I was wondering whether the same limitation also applies to AspectJ?
 For example, can inter-type declarations be applied to java.lang.Object?



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