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[aspectj-users] Params to Aspects?


I have a family of aspects that are all identical except for an
"internal" name I want to uniquely assign to each aspect instance.
Rather than write one aspect class for each, I'd like to reuse one class
for all. So what I would like to do is something like this:

    <concrete-aspect name="$$Aspect"
      <pointcut name="scope" expression="execution(public *
	<param name="id" value="hello"/>  <<<<<<  THIS
extends="">  <<<< OR THIS
      <pointcut name="scope" expression="execution(public *
    <include within="*"/>

In the above "hello world" example, the aspect would
"System.out.println(id);", or some such.

Is this sort of thing possible?

Alternatively, can one pass in a constructor argument to the named
concrete aspect from the XML definition?

Or, can one pass in arguments to the "scope" method that is generated?

Thanks in advance,


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