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Re: [aspectj-users] (no subject)


You could try opening the AJDT Event Trace view (Window > Show View >
Other > AspectJ), then do a clean and rebuild, and look at the
messages there.

Also, can you post or send me your .project and .classpath files?
(assuming they don't reveal any restricted information - you could
edit project/jar names etc if necessary).


On 15/01/07, aspectj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <aspectj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
To answer your questions and try to clarify;

I simply set up a new project to try out some of the examples from the book.  Everything was decorated as I'd expect and worked swimmingly.  I then converted an existing project over to AspectJ and copied my test files over in a new folder (aop/src).  The folder is a src folder (shows up on the properties, etc.).  So, there are no cross project aspects involved here.  Is there anything in particular I can check for myself (I'd love to be able to export the project, however, I really can't due to company restrictions). (aside: as I was trying different things, I did a clean and build--it takes a significant amount of time to finish....is this to be expected?)  Thanks.

> Hi Charlie,
> There shouldn't be any difference between creating a new AspectJ
> project and converting a Java one. It's not clear to me from your
> description exactly what is going wrong.
> By default aspects will NOT apply to classes in other projects, only
> to classes in the same project. To apply aspects across projects you
> need to use the aspect-path setting, as described here:
> http://www.eclipse.org/articles/Article-Introducing-AJDT/article.html
> If you have everything in the same project, and it's not working,
> check that both folders are defined as source folders. If it's still
> not working, export the whole project as a zip file, and either raise
> a bug and attach it there, or send it to me.
> Regards,
> Matt.

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