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Re: [aspectj-users] withincode question

Thanks for the tip, I also had to change the Method.invoke() to Method.invoke(..), then it works as it should.



2006/6/8, Conway. Fintan (IT Solutions) < Fintan.Conway@xxxxxx>:
Hi Wim,
Try :
pointcut runAction():call( * Method.invoke(Object, Object[]) ) && withincode( * Invoker.invoke(..));
Note the '..' instead of '*' for the Invoker.invoke method.
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I have question on withincode. Consider this:

public class Invoker
  public Object invoke( MyObject myObject )
    // code omitted to transform myObject to a Method object and the needed arguments

   return method.invoke( object, object[] );

I want to write a pointcut that matched with the method.invoke() call but only within the invoke method of the Invoker class. I tried this, but eclipse tells me that it does not match:

pointcut runAction():call( * Method.invoke(Object, Object[]) ) && withincode( * Invoker.invoke(*));

I also tried "within" in stead of "withincode", but it also does not work.



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