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Re: [aspectj-users] question on eclipse visualisation of aspects

Hi Wim,

On the toolbar of the Visualiser view there is a "C" class icon, and a
package icon to the left of it. These are toggle buttons, so if you
select package mode, then select your project, you will see all the
classes in your project at once, with each column representing a
package, with the classes in that package rearranged down the column.



On 08/06/06, Wim Deblauwe <wim.deblauwe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm using Eclipse 3.1 with AJDT plugin. When I write an aspect, and I swith
to the "aspect perspective", I get the bars representing my java classes
with the colored lines representing my aspects. However, I need to select a
package first from the list that appears on the left side. I want to see all
classes in my project at once, not just one package at a time. How can I do
this? I tried selecting all packages, but that does not work, the center
view still displays "select a package" and no bars are drawn.



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