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Re: [aspectj-users] Execution pointcut combined with AND??

A join point has a "kind" - it's an execution join point, or a call join point, or a handler join point, or a get, or a set... 

execution(.....) matches an execution join point
call(.....) matches a call join point

but no join point can be both an execution join point *and* a call join point, so a pointcut of the form:

execution(....) && call(....)

cannot match anything.

If you want to match a call that happens as part of the execution of a method, you need to write:

call(......) && withincode(.....)

Regards, Adrian.

On 01/06/06, Nadia Belblidia-Guerroumi < na_bel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi everyone,
Please could you help me on this:
Why a pointcut of the form execution(* *.*(..)) && call (* *.*(..)) doesn't match any where. I thought till now that if I have a call to a method f in a method g as a first instruction, there will be a matching because the first instruction will be the call and will correspond also to the start of the method execution???
Finally I realized that it was not the case.
Is is right to say then that a pointcut p= execution(* *.*(..))&& pt1 (where pt1 is a simple poinctut) can match only if pt1 is either a this, target, within and args pointcut??? and will not match for set, get, call,....
Thank you for any help

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-- Adrian