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[aspectj-users] aspect reweaving error

Hi Adrian,
Thank you very much for your reply. But It did not solve my problem.
I want to weave aspect2.jar only in woven_hello1.jar, My goal is to weave aspect2.jar and remove previously woven aspect1.jar from binary. Is it possible?
Sorry my goal was not clear from previous mail.
As I have mentioned in my previous mail I have the aop.xml which look as below,
which is placed in my 1st time woven archive, woven_hello1.jar,
  <aspect name="aspect1"/>

I have also tried,
  <aspect name="aspect1"/>
  <aspect name="aspect2"/>

Both above case did not work.
I am executing the command as below,
COMMAND: ajc -inpath woven_hello1.jar -aspectpath aspect2.jar -outjar woven_hello2.jar
I am getting same old error,
woven_hello1.jar [error] aspect 'aspect1' woven into 'Hello' must be declared in an aop.xml file.
(no source information available)
I have placed both aspect1.class and aspect2.class in CLASSPATH system variable.
Can you please help me to resolve the problem. Thanks in advance.
Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 09:58:35 +0100
From: "Adrian Colyer" <
Subject: Re: [aspectj-users] aspect reweaving error
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"

When you are doing the second weave, you need to add

  <aspect name="aspect1"/>

into the <aspects> section of your aop.xml. AspectJ requires both any
aspects that types were originally woven with to be defined in addition to
any new aspects.

On 12/05/06, Kalyani Jitesh <
j-kalyani@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>  HI There,
> Am trying to reweave the aspects in woven application archive with
> aspectJ1.5.1a version.
>  I have followed the following steps,
> 1. At 1st I have woven aspect1.class in woven_hello.jar compile time using
> ajc compiler. (aspct is woven with -reweavable option as it on by default in
> aspectJ1.5.1a). I have placed the below aop.xml in woven_hello.jar in
> META-INF folder.
> <aspectj>
>  <aspects>
>   <aspect name="aspect1"/>
>  </aspects>
> </aspectj>
> 2. Then I have tried weaving aspect2.class in woven_hello.jar (which is
> already woven with aspect1.class). During this step I have put the
> aspect1.class in CLASSPATH.
> After step 2 I am getting below error:
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> D:\javasample\inheritance\wnoffice1.jar [error] aspect 'aspect1 woven into
> 'Hello' must be declared in an aop.xml file.
> (no source information available)
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Can anyone guide me how can I reweave aspect2.class in woven_hello.jar
> after step1?
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Jitesh