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Re: [aspectj-users] AspectJ, Annotations and JSP

Yup. That would work. But I would like to avoid "jsp includes hell" (includes within includes within includes...). I think it would be better to fall back on inheritance. And it may even be better. I am sure that statement would spark an interesting debate. Doing it with inheritance lets you avoid the include. That being a JSP, too, makes it another class. Which is something I would avoid if I could have it already available within the current JSP.

Now, how cool would it be to do this with AspectJ? But it looks like it would not be so clean because I would have to explicitly add each JSP to the pointcut (or have multiple pointcuts).

So, yes, I think I will have to do it the way you mentioned or else through includes. Well, that is unless someone out there knows how to put annotations on JSP classes.


That is one way to do it. But, again it really does not save me anything. I could filter for a certain parent class. Or put an annotation on a parent class of the JSP. But I would still have to specify the parent in the jsp. Just as well do it the old way... :)