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RE: [aspectj-users] AJDT Magical Disappearing classes...

Glad to hear I am not the only one.  I can narrow it down to one of the following situations:
1) Jar file on InPath is dependent upon an external jar and you do not have it associated with your project.
2 Or in my case, I think it is puking [without telling me] because the library I am weaving into is not compatible with JDK 1.5 because it has variables name enum and it should not.
Fortunately for me, this library is "Open Source", so I am just going to include it on my project.  But it should would be nice to have this fixed ASAP.


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It's been a significant problem for me too, although I haven't had a chance to narrow it down. In my case, the best approach is to run ant builds to find out the compiler error.



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AJDT Dev Team.

I am experiencing an interesting phenomon, if the AJDT compile experiences an issue during a compile, it just flat out stops and does not emit an error message.

My configuration is as follows:

Eclipse SDK

Version: 3.1.1

Build id: M20050929-0840

Eclipse AspectJ Development Tools

Version: 1.3.1

Build id: 20060410063641

AspectJ version: 1.5.1a


C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_04

I have partiallly got around this for source cod by making it temporarily a Java project then get the "real" compiler errors.  Correcting them and re-enabling the Aspectj Nature.  But for aspects that apply to JAR's on the InPath this does not work.

Any thoughts as this is really hindering my progress.