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Re: [aspectj-users] Does these aspects produce the desired result?

Sorry, you are right !  ( just wrote a little test case ).

I'd always assumed that this didn't work ( though it is a little wasteful ).

On 5/8/06, Daniel Oskarsson (KC/EMW) <daniel.oskarsson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Chris and thank you for your comments.
The construction:
TraceRecord[] records = _list.toArray(new TraceRecord[]{});
is as you can se a part of the original code (4a).
I have discussed this with one of the developers which also wasn't sure why that line looked liked that.
Altough the system is delivered and do works so I guess it's alright :-)
Once again. Thank you for your help.

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Hi, I've not looked at all of them, but with #4 you're not creating the array in the toArray section property. I.e. you should be doing

_list.toArray(new TraceRecord[_list.size()]);

otherwise these methods are always going to return null.

I was thinking that what you've done in #4 is a real round-a-about way of doing things, but I can't think a better way at the moment.

On 5/8/06, Daniel Oskarsson (KC/EMW) <daniel.oskarsson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all,

I have written a few aspects (see attachment) in AspectJ as a part of an masters thesis.
Since they are going to be published I would appreciate if someone
with more knowledge of AspectJ than me could validate these aspects.

Besides that I would be very glad, I also would be very happy to
acknowledge anyone who can help me validate these (simple) aspects!

Looking forward to your response.

Kind regards -- Daniel Oskarsson, MSc student
Oskarsson, Daniel N.
For more information about my work on aspect-orientation (AO),
visit my final year project webpage at < http://danieloskarsson.se/his/ao>


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