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[aspectj-users] COmbining pointcuts in the same advice

Hi all,
I have some pointcuts in my aspect:

pointcut p1(<argumentType t>): execution (...) && args(t);
after(<argumentType t>): p1(t){
//some code

pointcut p2(<argumentType t2>): execution (...) && args(t2);
after(<argumentType t2>): p2(t2){
//some code

and would rather like to do something like this:

pointcut p2 (<argumentType t2>): execution(...)&& args(t2);
after() : p2(t2) || p1(<argumentType t>){
//some code

but I don't kknow how to declare arguments in the pointcut and advice in this case!
If I do like above, I can't use t2 in the advice body ! What can I do it please?
Thanks for suggestion

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