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[aspectj-users] Announcing AspectJ 5

We're delighted to say that AspectJ 5 was released today and is available from the AspectJ download page:

This release constitutes a full-upgrade of AspectJ to support Java 5, while also delivering a large number of quality improvements that will benefit users running on JDK 1.4 or below. In addition to the Java 5 related language changes AspectJ 5 also supports an @AspectJ style of aspect declaration, greatly enhanced load-time weaving capabilities, a full reflection API, and tools APIs for parts of the weaver.

Delivering on a project like AspectJ 5 involves an incredible amount of hard work, and without contributions from the community it simply would not be possible. The following community members have all made important contributions to the AspectJ 5 release:

Contributions of patches integrated into AspectJ 5: (in no particular order)
* Noel Markham
* Andrew Huff
* Martin Lippert
* Oliver Boehm
* Matthew Webster
* Helen Hawkins
* David Knibb
* Ron Bodkin
* Eduardo Piveta

Significant contributions to testing and QA (either frequently supplying excellent test programs or providing great support while we were diagnosing problems): (in no particular order)
* Ron Bodkin
* Martin Lippert
* Aske Simon Christensen
* Attila Lindvai
* Ramnivas Laddad
* Matthew Webster
* Oliver Boehm
* Misha Kantarovich
* Samuel Gelineau (our greatest generics tester!)

In addition, the following all contributed good test programs: (in no particular order)
Devi Prasad, Casier Koen, Gerard Davison, Laurie Hendren, Oege de Moor,
George Harley, Ganesh Sittampalam, David Grainger, Rohith Ajjampur, Keven Ring,
Masayuki Takahashi, Eric Bodden, Nigel Charman, Dean Wampler, Macneil Shonle,
Alessandro Di Bella, Thomas Knauth, Ron DiFrango, Masashi Takeichi, Matt Chapman,
Sian January, Charles Zhang, Ferdinand Prantl, Barry Kaplan, Santi Villalba,
Pascal Felber, Andrew Brett, Dusan Chromy, Eugene Kuleshov, Michal Stochmialek,
Ivo Kasiuk, Christoph Cenowa, John Franey, Pekka Enberg, Roman Kischenko
Levente Mészáros, Ian Orford, Arco Oost, Ramana Gundapuneni, Mario Scalas
Per Hustad, Ed French, Mark Strecker, Vincenz Braun, Lóránd Somogyi,
Raymond Lin, David Knibb, Chris Burnley, Mohan Radhakrishan, Rafal Krzewski,
Mike Menu, Valerio Schiavoni, Yoav Landman, Reid Hartenbower, Luis Arias,
Michael Moser, Koen Muilwijk, Robin Green, Oliver Boehm, Ramnivas Laddad

If we missed you off the list please accept our apologies:  it wasn't intentional and we're still very grateful to you!

Thanks and stay in touch,
-- The AspectJ Team.

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