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Re: [aspectj-users] dont follow method calls within aspect

Nicholas Lesiecki wrote:

does !cflow(adviceexecution() && within(MyAspect)) work?

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On Dec 20, 2004, at 6:02 AM, sirrurg wrote:

Hi all,

im currently trying to log some method executions and have pointcuts looking like

pointcut PubMethodCall(Point p) : execution(public * *(..)) && target(p);

and my advice looks like

before(Point p): PubMehtodCall(p) && !cflowbelow(PubMethodCall(Point){....}

At the moment i am using a private method within the aspect to create an proper output,
by reading the parameters from the method call an parsing into a String,
if the parameters are Objects and they dont have a toString()-method i
try to create some kind of output by accesing it through getter-Methods if i find some.
Now my Question, if i call sth like Point.equals(Point p) and Point has no toString() method,
in this case i get some extra "log-output" for the calls to the parameter p.
Is there any possiblity to stop this?

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Thx for the advice, works also and i didnt have to use the "&& wihtin" clause.
I thought i had already tried this out, but somehow i must have mixed it up with another error.
By the way, do i miss sth if i leave out the "&& wihtin" clause?