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Re: [aspectj-users] AJDT 1.2.0M2 released

[quote Matt Chapman::on 12/14/2004 10:28 PM]
The AJDT team are delighted to announce the second milestone release of
AJDT 1.2.0. Highlights of this release are:
   - includes AspectJ 5 milestone 1
   - support for Eclipse 3.1M3 (as well as Eclipse 3.0)
   - new view to show crosscutting relationships
   - new advice image decorator
   - new advises markers
   - closer integration with JDT
   - lots of bug fixes

Please read the New and Noteworthy document for more details.

This is a milestone release, to reflect the fact that some of the new
functionality may be incomplete or unstable in places. We strongly
recommend upgrading to 1.2.0M2 if you are using 1.2.0M1, or any 1.2.0
development build. If you are using 1.1.12, we encourage you to try out
this release, possibly in a new workspace, and send us your feedback.

Supported versions of Eclipse for this release are: 3.0.1, and 3.1M3.
Tested platforms are Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Please see the AJDT homepage for the New and Noteworthy, download
information, and the latest release notes:


The build identifier is "". It should appear in the
update list if you currently have 1.2.0M1 installed and search for updates
to installed features.


Matt + the rest of the AJDT team.

One more thing: it seems that the link downpage to the zip for Eclipse 3.1 is leading to a 403 Forbidden.