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[aspectj-users] Refactorings for AspectJ


During the course of my Ph.D. work I elaborated a collection of refactorings for the AspectJ language. They hardly comprise a complete catalogue, but it is a start.

The refactorings are presented in a format similar to the ones used by
Fowler and Kerievsky in their refactoring books, and most of them include code examples.

Besides the extraction of implementation elements to aspects, these
refactorings also tackle the issue of the subsequent tidying up of their internal structures.

Presently the refactorings are available in technical report form, at

This report covers refactorings only. It does not cover code smells and it does not discuss further.

Any feedback will be appreciated and welcome.


Miguel Pessoa Monteiro
Ph.D. student at Minho University, Portugal
eMail: mmonteiro(at)di(dot)uminho(dot)pt
URL: http://gec.di.uminho.pt/mpm/