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[aspectj-users] Are you teaching an aspect-oriented programming course?

(Sorry if this came through twice - I just realized that I 
signed up on the mailing list under a different address)

Adrian wrote:

>If you are teaching a course on aspect-oriented programming or software

>development, or are teaching a course that includes some material on
>topic, or you know of some establishment that is, I'd love to hear from

I have been teaching a course over the past three years that has a strong AOP component. The course looks at reflection and metaprogramming for 4 weeks, AOP for 6 weeks, and metamodeling issues (including aspects at the modeling level) for 3 weeks. Details on the course are at:


Also, a recent Science of Computer Programming paper describes the course. The full paper is available at the SciCop web site (sorry, but the URL is a mile long). An early draft of the paper is at http://www.cis.uab.edu/gray/Pubs/scicop-2004.pdf

The citation is:

Jeff Gray, "A Java-based Approach for Teaching Principles of Adaptive and Evolvable Software," Science of Computer Programming, special issue on Practice and Experience with Java in Education (Q.H. Mahmoud, ed.), vol. 53, no. 1, October 2004, pp. 51-69.

Related idea:

I have had correspondence with several folks about a BoF session at AOSD 2005 to discuss pedagogical issues related to AOP. From past discussions with others, it was determined that it might be too early for a focused workshop on the topic (maybe AOSD 2006?) but a BoF is planned for AOSD 2005. Perhaps Tzilla would like to comment more on this as well. Anyone interested in such a BoF - lets talk!

Best wishes


Jeff Gray, Ph.D.
Department of Computer and Information Sciences
University of Alabama at Birmingham