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RE: [aspectj-users] (no subject)

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I haven't read any white papers on the subject but I can tell you what my personal experiences with it are.  My group is building a web application framework we're calling the Toolkit and AspectJ is one of the technologies we're using.  The Toolkit isn't finished completely yet but we have used it develop a demo wireless application that we've shown to customers.  The biggest problem we've encountered with AspectJ has been the support from the development tools.  We're using IBM Websphere Application Developer 5.0 with the AJDT eclipse plugin and in that it works great except for one problem.  One of the major features of AspectJ, intertype declarations, doesn't seem to work for classes that we use in JSPs.  We think this is because the JSP compiler does not yet support aspects.  Also we like to use Rational Rose to model our system but the current version does not have AOP support.
Besides the feel stumbling blocks that we've encountered AspectJ is a great software development tool.  With certain problems that crosscut the entire system the AOP way feels more natural than the copy and pasted look of traditional OO.  If you don't feel completely ready to trust it it can be introduced slowly.  We started out that way but once we saw the benefits of using we started using it everywhere.
Once the industry starts to accept it more those problems will be fixed.  In the meantime we feel it is best to get on the forefront of technology rather than being behind the curve.
Jason Gilman
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Subject: [aspectj-users] (no subject)

I am currently working at Virtusa, and we are looking into the possible uses of AOP based languages here. One of our concerns is the product readiness of AOP languages such as AspectJ.. I was wondering if anyone has come across any papers or usability studies on the subject. Some of the papers I have read have been rather vague, mentioning that they feel it isn't ready for mainstream use, however fail to specify why. Any feedback would be appreciated.
Thank you
Trishan de Lanerolle
R&D Lead
AOP Research Group
SL ATC, Virtusa

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