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Re: [aspectj-users] (no subject)

How about something like (untested syntax):

String around() : call(* *.getAString()) {
      String origString = proceed();
      // do the test for variables
      if (origString.indexOf("$") >= 0) {
            String changedString = ... // eval vars
            return changedString;
      return origString;

Not sure if the getAString was a specific method or an example signature.


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Say I have the following:

Project p = createProject( f );
String s =  p.getN0().getN1().getN2()...getNM().getAString()

What is the best way to intercept the String returned by this call chain
to perform some transformation?

Specifically p is an object that is created by unmarshalling an XML
document which may contain ${foo} references. I would like to check I
for any of these references and interpolate the real value of foo into
the String before returning it to the caller.


Jason van Zyl

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