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RE: [aspectj-users] More AjBrowser failure WAS: writing an aspect to check for Swing Thread Safety

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> From: aspectj-users-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:aspectj-users-
> admin@xxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Lesiecki Nicholas
> Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2003 10:34 AM
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> Subject: [aspectj-users] More AjBrowser failure WAS: writing an aspect to
> check for Swing Thread Safety
> > You can also use the IDE's (Ajbrowser, et al) to see
> > what code is affected by particular advice (once
> > they are working with 1.1?  No response to Nick's
> > question on point yet).
> As a further note, the AJDT for Eclipse under WinXP also exhibits the
> problem behavior. (Compiles seem to succeed but crosscutting structure not
> displayed). Running the affected classes when built with the AJDT shows no
> evidence of weaving (i.e. aspects have no effect). Compiling manually with
> ajc works.

The next release of AJDT will show this structure.  It should coincide with
the AspectJ 1.1 final.

> (AJDT on OSX suffers from what I like to term "total existence
> failure"--not surprising since I have to run a milestone of eclipse 2.1.
> The AJDT *does* warn against using versions as newer than 2.0.0.)
> I'd like to submit this as a bug but the problem seems so large that I
> have
> difficulty believing that there isn't something I'm missing. Shall I
> submit
> anyway?

Please do submit this bug to AJDT.  We're not testing on OSX yet, but we
would like to support it.  I'm doubtful that we will have time to start
testing on OSX before 1.1.  The quickest way to get this working would be
for an OSX user to contribute a patch to the current AJDT build.


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