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[aspectj-users] 1.1beta4 is now available

AspectJ 1.1beta4 is now available from the download page at

Detailed release notes are available at:

Important note: this release is of the compiler, ant tasks, ajbrowser and documentation only.  The 4 IDE integration projects will hopefully follow soon with their own releases.

All reported bugs have been fixed in this release.  Very easy to reproduce bugs were submitted by Ron Bodkin, Nick Lesiecki, Ramnivas Laddad, Robert Fenk, Per Hustad, Adrian Colyer, Robert Wenner, and Doug Orleans.  

This release fixes all but 4 remaining known bugs and implements all features for 1.1.  Incremental compilation, around advice in-lining and binary aspect libraries have only received minimal testing at this stage.  If you find any bugs, please submit a reproducible test case to (product AspectJ).

Thanks and stay in touch,
The AspectJ Team

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