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RE: [aspectj-users] Problems with incremental compilation

The focus of the 1.1b2 release was on testing and implementing as much 1.0 functionality as possible.  New features like incremental compilation didn't receive any testing for that release.  I've fixed a LARGE number of bugs in the incremental compilation support since 1.1b2 came out.  I'd recommend waiting for the 1.1b3 release due in the next few days and trying again.  If you still have problems, please submit them as bugs.


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> Subject: [aspectj-users] Problems with incremental compilation
> Hi.
> I have been starting to use the 1.1b2 compiler but I am experiencing
> strange problem.
> When I compile (with the -incremental flag), the first compilation
> works
> fine. But when I do a recompile (hit enter), the compiler does not
> weave
> in the aspects. Have anyone experienced the same problem?
> -- Jonas
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