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Re: [aspectj-users] debugging aspected code


pls look at http://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=25798 which describes the
current situation. you can also search the eclipse.technology.ajdt newsgroup
(look for 'jsr 145').

the problem is, that *eclipse* must support jsr 145 in order to allow you to debug code
that has aspect stuff weaved into.

-- mark

Chris Nelson wrote:

I've just begun my first forays into AspectJ and like others, am amazed
and impressed.  But before I could really be able to work with it for
real world stuff, I need to get debugging working and am not having any
luck thus far.  I am using AspectJ 1.1.b2 and using the iajc ant task to
do builds.  When I then attempt to debug code that has been touched by
an aspect, my debugger (Eclipse 2.1) complains about not finding line
numbers, even tho I have tried passing both debug=true and
debuglevel="lines,vars,source" as attributes of the iajc task.  I don't
know if this is a problem specific to Eclipse or just a known issue with
the 1.1 beta, but I would appreciate any help.  Any info on how other
people are debugging Aspects (please include AspectJ version, IDE, JDK
version, and so forth) would also be greatly appreciated.  I don't think
I'm doing using any features new to 1.1 so I could downgrade AspectJ if
I need to.   But all in all, the promise of aspects just has me
drooling.  Awesome job, AspectJ team!

Thanks in advance,

Chris Nelson

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