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[aspectj-users] Re: [aspectj-dev] Problem to compile in AspectJ 1.1b2

Hi John -

This happens when your aspectjrt.jar file has no manifest
file, which might happen if you are using aspectjrt.jar
from a previous release.  (Generally, you have to use the
aspectjrt.jar from the same release.)  In the next release, 
we will detect this condition and issue a more sensible 
message.  (Also, the stack trace will have line numbers.)

Thanks for pointing this out.


P.S. - For future reference, here's a link which will 
display all compiler bugs:

John Davis wrote:
> I just downloaded AspectJ 1.1b2 and I try to compile a simple program. It
> used to work in the previous AspectJ 1.0. any ideas??
> C:\>ajc C:\aspectj1.1\javaworldexamples\code2\helloworld1\
> Exception thrown from AspectJ 1.1b2
> This might be logged as a bug already -- see the bug database at
> (product: AspectJ, component: compiler)
> Bugs for exceptions thrown have titles File:line from the top stack,
> e.g., ""
> If you don't find the exception below in a bug, please add a new bug
> To make the bug a priority, please include a test program
> that can reproduce this exception.
> null
> java.lang.NullPointerException
>         at
> org.aspectj.ajdt.internal.core.builder.AjBuildManager.checkRtJar(Unkn
> own Source)
>         at
> org.aspectj.ajdt.internal.core.builder.AjBuildManager.batchBuild(Unkn
> own Source)
>         at org.aspectj.ajdt.ajc.AjdtCommand.runCommand(Unknown Source)
>         at Source)
>         at Source)
>         at Source)
> 1 fail|abort
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