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Re: [aspectj-users] Where are people using Aspects?

During my time at Sirius Software, I headed several large scale projects >3000 
classes each, where we applied AspectJ.

We used it to (just from my head not complete, if you need an offical list 
please let me know):
-Used it for enterprise application integration 
-build a more suiteable Application Server Infrastructure on some of the base 
J2EE APIs and an ODBMS. 
-Implement these components for this server much more efficent and cleanly.
-Used it to ensure, that all swing gui updates are performed in the GUI-Swing 
-Resource pooling
-Load Balancing
-Fault recovery
-optimze ("implement") a bunch of  pattern more efficiently.
-Transaction handling, 
-adding persitency to business classes
-implementing bootstrapping
-update notifications
-exception handling
-making local object remotly available

BTW, I provide professional consulting support for all phases of a project, 
where you want to apply AspectJ.

kind regards


Arno Schmidmeier
+49/9151/90 50 30
or A@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Yes, I have realized several projects with AspectJ.
Yes, I do provide consulting for AspectJ.

On Monday 30 December 2002 21:32, Rustad, Aaron wrote:
> I have been studying AspectJ for the last week, and all I can say is WoW!
> This stuff is very cool. However, beyond security, tracing, logging,
> debugging, assertions, I am having a hard time understanding other places
> this could be used. Anyone willing to share with the group any novel uses
> where AspectJ has helped solve some problems?
> thanks!
> Aaron.
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