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[aspectj-users] Should "declare dominates" be "declare precedence"?

I was thinking about "declare dominates" today. It seems to me that
"declare precedence" would be better terminology. 

Dominates made sense when there were two aspects involved:

X dominates Y

That reads like a sentence.

When there is a comma delimited precedence order:

declare dominates : X, Y, Z, *;

it seems less intutive.

I propose

declare precedence : X, Y, Z, *;

If implemented this change will mean a shorter cognitive leap between the
syntax (precedence) and what it governs (precedence). Since the form is
still not out of beta, I do not anticipate that the change will break many
programs. If it does, the fix will be as easy as "find and replace".

What do people think?


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