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[aspectj-dev] CFlow and Threads - implementation changes... testers required !


Bug 59909 was raised last week highlighting a problem where some thread related cflow state was persisting longer than necessary - it was not a memory leak as such because the state would eventually be garbage collected but in a system where threads are constantly being created and destroyed, it could cause you an issue in  terms of heap consumption.  I've just attached a new version of aspectjrt.jar to bugzilla bug 59909:


I don't have that many programs that use cflow and multiple threads  - can I ask anyone out there who has code that uses cflow and threads (or maybe even just uses cflow) to try this new version of aspectjrt?  It is a replacement for the one included in AspectJ 1.2 rc1.

Basically we now have a dual implementation of the state management logic.  If you are on a 1.1 JVM then you get the old behavior (for compatibility) but if you are on a newer JVM then you will get a new thread local based behavior.

I'm looking for anyone who can test this on either 1.1 JVMs (to check I haven't broken anything) or 1.2+ JVMs (to check I haven't broken anything and maybe I've made things better).

To verify that you are actually running with the new version, you can set a debug property when starting the JVM (this won't be in the final version) and it will tell you which implementation of the state mgmt logic it is using:

java -Ddebugcflow=yes MyProgram

please append your findings to either the bug report or aspectj-dev

many thanks,
Andy Clement
AspectJ/AJDT Development