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[aspectj-dev] Changes to compile loop now in tree

I've tagged the source tree with "v_preCompileLoopAlteration" and checked in my changes to drive the weave phase from inside of Compiler.compile(). These follow the design that I posted to the list a couple of weeks ago, and include the improvements to error and warning messages also discussed on this list in the last week. The changes have been stable and passing all tests in my private build for the last week - I delayed committing because I wanted to check I had not impacted performance or memory usage. This version uses equivalent or less memory that the version it replaces (see my comments on bug 35547 for details), and performs equivalently.

After carefully checking and rechecking all the tests before committing, I still managed to break the build by inadvertently using a 1.4 only api. This has now been fixed and hopefully a good build with the changes in will be available soon.

-- Adrian