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Re: [aspectj-announce] AspectJ 1.9.19 with Java 19 support

Update: AJDT was refreshed and now contains the latest AspectJ version. It still targets Eclipse 2022-03, but works on 2022-12, like I said. See below for the update site link.

Errata: Of course 1.9.19 is not a "bugfix release". That was a copy & paste error. It is a regular release upgrading Java language support to JDK 19 level.


Alexander Kriegisch schrieb am 21.12.2022 17:33 (GMT +01:00):

Dear AspectJ users,

we are pleased to announce the AspectJ bugfix release 1.9.19 supporting Java 19. Please note that from now on, the minor-minor version will indicate the corresponding latest Java release (byte code version) supported by the AspectJ compiler and weaver. I.e., 1.9.19 → Java 19.

Sorry for the delay. Actually, there was a Java 19 snapshot version early after the Java release, but we wanted to wait for some upstream Eclipse Java Compiler (ECJ) bugs concerning Java 19 to be fixed before the AspectJ release. Finally, we decided to wait no longer and release anyway, even though not all Java preview feature edge cases are supported as well as with Javac. The release notes contain a link to a list of open ECJ issues we identified while testing AspectJ with Java 19 preview features. None of those issues come from AspectJ itself, they are inherited from ECJ.

Other resources:

Enjoy AspectJ!

The AspectJ team

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