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[aspectj-announce] Deadline Extension: Workshop on Modularization, Composition and Generative Techniques for Product Line Engineering

Apologies for any cross posts.


Due to numerous requests we have decided to extend the deadline for our workshop.


            *** NOTE: EXTENDED DEADLINE 22 AUGUST 2008 ***



                          Workshop on


     Modularization, Composition and Generative Techniques for

          Product Line Engineering - McGPLE (formerly AOPLE)


                 7th International Conference on

    Generative Programming and Component Engineering (GPCE’08)

            Nashville, Tennessee, October 19-23, 2008




Product Line Engineering (PLE) is an increasingly important paradigm in software development whereby commonalities and variations among similar systems are systematically identified and exploited. PLE covers a large spectrum of activities, from domain analysis to product validation and testing. Variability is manifested throughout this spectrum in artifacts such as models, requirements, code and components and it is often of crosscutting nature. These characteristics make different kinds of modularization and composition techniques (e.g. objects, components, aspects, features, subjects, frames, etc.) appealing as suitable candidates to modularize variability. Work on Generative Programming (GP) and Component Engineering (CE) has shown the crucial role they play in PLE. This workshop aims at expanding and capitalizing on the increasing interest of researchers from these communities. The main goal of the workshop is to share and discuss ideas, identify research opportunities and foster collaboration to tackle the challenges these opportunities may bring about.




Work on software modularization and composition concepts and techniques when applied to Software Product Line Engineering has shown promising results. These results can be further strengthened when Generative Programming and Component Engineering techniques are applied in concert. The main goal of the workshop is to foster and strengthen the collaboration between the different software composition and modularization techniques, PLE and generative research communities by identifying common interests and research venues. The new workshop builds on the success of the aspect-oriented product line engineering (AOPLE) workshops that established an initial community of researchers,  but focuses on a broader range of issues, techniques and approaches.


We expect the following results from the workshop:

* A list of the participants’ interests and contact details that will be posted on the workshop website,

* The papers and a summary of the discussions will be compiled into a technical report, publicly available through the workshop website and other university departmental sites,

* Extending the research agenda that would lead into further joint projects and publications.


Workshop Format


The workshop is scheduled as a full day workshop. Participants are expected to read the papers accepted beforehand to be able to contribute to lively discussions about approaches and ideas presented. The morning session will consist of short presentations of the most representative papers. Interesting discussion topics will be collected for the afternoon session. In the afternoon we will use the “Open Space” format in order to discuss topics of interest that might be related but not restricted to the papers presented in the morning. The results of the discussion groups will be presented in the last half hour of the workshop.


The papers and a summary of the discussions will be compiled into a technical report that will be posted on the workshop’s website. If we receive a significant amount of submissions of high quality, we will consider submitting them to a special issue of some journal.


Important Dates

Paper submission deadline: ***EXTENDED to August 22, 2008***

Notification: September 4th, 2008

Early registration deadline: September 11th

Camera ready: October 3, 2008

Workshop: October 23, 2008



We invite submissions of 2 to 6 pages long in ACM or IEEE format. The papers will be reviewed by at least three members of the program committee and the organization committee. The authors will be notified about acceptance before the early registration deadline.


We are looking for contributions in the following topics:

* Domain Engineering and/or Application Engineering

* Modularization techniques applied to mapping and traceability of requirements to architecture, design and implementation of product line systems

* Approaches for independent feature development and feature composition

* Application of generative techniques to product line engineering

* Product line testing and evolution

* Core asset and variability management

* Product line adoption

* Alliance between modularization techniques, DSLs and MDD in product line engineering

* Case studies using modularization and generative approaches in software product lines




Neil Loughran

Research Associate in AOSD

Lancaster University


Roberto Lopez-Herrejon

Career Development Fellow

Computing Laboratory and Kellogg College University of Oxford


Iris Groher

PhD Student,

Siemens AG,

Munich, Germany


Christa Schwanninger

Senior Research Scientist

Siemens AG, Munich, Germany


Sven Apel

Assistant Professor (akad. Oberrat)

Department of Informatics and Mathematics University of Passau, Germany


Program Committee

Jeff Gray, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Vander Alves, Lancaster University

Markus Völter, Independent Consultant

Don Batory, University of Texas at Austin

Andreas Rummler, SAP Research, Dresden

Rob van Ommering, Philips Research, Eindhoven


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