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[aspectj-announce] Software Patterns Blog



I am pleased to broadcast the launch of a new blog called the
software pattern blog
. This blog belongs to the editors of IJOP, columnists, staff,
advisory, editorial and domain expert boards, external reviewers, and
to those who have been specially invited. It is an open forum which is
managed by Dr. M. E. Fayad and his associates, if you would like to
submit an article to the Software Pattern Blog, please email it to
patterns-blog@xxxxxxxx <mailto:patterns-blog@xxxxxxxx>
 and refer to the guidelines at

This blog focuses on software patterns, stable analysis and design
patterns, architectural patterns, pattern languages and how to
develop systems of patterns. In order to keep the spam at a minimum,
postings will be moderated. Also please avoid anonymous/spoofed
posting. The objective of this blog is to foster mature discussions
about issues that affect all software developers and practitioners

Feel more than welcome to participate! To start reading and
subscribing to the blog, click here


Eduardo M. Segura

Co-Founder and Project Manager

vrlSoft, Inc.


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