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[aspectj-announce] AspectJ 5 M4 build now available

We're pleased to announce the availability of the AspectJ 5 M4
milestone build from the AspectJ downloads page:

M4 contains a large number of fixes and enhancements since M3 (see the
links in the news item on the aspectj home page :, especially in the area of support for
generics. New features in this release include support for generic
abstract aspects, an all-new weaver tools API that allows runtime
creation and matching of pointcut expressions, and a full reflection
API for AspectJ that understands the AspectJ type system. M4 also sees
an important switch in that the weaver now produces reweavable class
files by default.

Before AspectJ 5 RC1 we still have to complete some work on the
@AspectJ support (mixins) and finish off some of the LTW enhancements.
We also have more bug reports to close out - the focus areas are
incremental compilation and inter-type declarations with type

A build of AJDT incorporating AspectJ 5 M4 will be available early next week.

Thanks and stay in touch,
-- The AspectJ Team

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