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[aspectj-announce] AspectJ and AspectWerkz to join forces

We're excited to announce a significant development for AspectJ,
AspectWerkz, and the world of aspect-oriented programming. 

The AspectJ and AspectWerkz projects have agreed to work together as
one team to produce a single aspect-oriented programming platform
building on their complementary strengths and expertise. The first
release from this collaboration will be AspectJ 5, which extends the
AspectJ language to support an annotation-based development style in
addition to the familiar AspectJ code-based style. AspectJ 5 will also
provide full AOP support for the new Java 5 language features. It will
continue to be developed as an open-source project on 

Following the AspectWerkz 2.0 release, the AspectWerkz developers will
be joining the AspectJ project to bring the key features of
AspectWerkz to the AspectJ platform. This will begin with an extension
to the AspectJ language to support an annotation-based style of
development, and with tighter integration of load-time weaving for
AspectJ in the J2EE environment. A smooth migration path for existing
AspectWerkz users is a key priority in the development and release

The combined strengths of the two teams will enable us to deliver a
more comprehensive technology suite more quickly than either team
could alone. We believe that the backing of two major vendors and an
even larger open source community formed by bringing together existing
AspectJ and AspectWerkz users will accelerate the adoption of AOP in the

Please see the announce document at for
more details including outline development plans and an FAQ.

-- Adrian Colyer (AspectJ 5, AspectJ), and Jonas Boner (AspectJ 5, 

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