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[aspectj-announce] AspectJ 1.2.1 now available

We are pleased to announce that AspectJ-1.2.1 is now available 
from the download page at
or directly from

we've also set up a download mirror at:

AspectJ 1.2.1 contains an updated version of the JDT Java compiler, a 
number of tools improvements, runtime performance optimisations, the 
ability to split declare error/warning messages across several lines using 

the "+" operator, and numerous bug fixes. Detailed release notes for all 
these updates and more are available at:

Patches and contributions were submitted by Martin Lippert, Laurie 
Hendren, George Harley, Matthew Webster, and Juergen Graf. Discussions 
and interactions with the abc compiler team also led to several of the 
improvements contained in the 1.2.1 release. We are always very grateful 
for these contributions that help improve the compiler and supporting 

Easy to reproduce bugs were submitted by Doug Orleans, Ron DiFrango, Ron 
Bodkin, Antti Karanta, Per Hustad, Oege de Moor, Ganesh Sittampalam, 
Luzius Meisser, Andriy Palamarchuk, Helmet Zechmann, Matt Chapman, Rohith 
Ajjampur, Adrian Powell, Marius Marin, Takao Nakaguchi, Torsten Lull, 
Lasse Nielsen, Pavel Avgustinov, Macneil Shonle, Hristo Stoyanov, and
David Pearce.  We recognize the difficulty of producing clear minimal 
test cases from bugs found in large systems and appreciate the work that 
goes into these reports.

Thanks and stay in touch,
The AspectJ Team

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