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[aspectj-announce] AspectJ 1.1.1 JBuilder & NetBeans support released, developers wanted

The AspectJ JBuilder and NetBeans plugins have been updated to support the
latest: AspectJ 1.1.1, JBuilder 9, and NetBeans 3.5.x.  Thanks go to Vaughn
Spurlin for contributing a NetBeans 3.5 compatibility patch.  Download the
releases at:


In order to evolve and improve the JBuilder and NetBeans plugins we need
developers.  I will continue to maintain them at the current level of
support, but my cycles will be focused on the core AspectJ tools framework.
Without community contribution the JBuilder and NetBeans support will lag
the AspectJ and IDE updates.  The Eclipse support has been continuing to
improve thanks to open source contribution.  We encourage interested
JBuilder and NetBeans developers to step up and advance support for their

We look forward to hearing from you,

The AspectJ Team

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