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[asciidoc-wg] relaunch plan

AsciiDoc WG and community, has served as the landing page for the search term “AsciiDoc” for well over a decade and is, as such, heavily referenced. However, the content on the site doesn't at all reflect the current state and direction of AsciiDoc. We obviously need to address that.

Since Q4 of last year, members of the AsciiDoc WG have been collaborating to develop a new single-page site to replace the one at Aside from a new design and new content, the relaunch will bring the site under the supervision of the AsciiDoc WG and align it with our effort to standardize AsciiDoc (based on the initial contribution from Asciidoctor).

We're in the final stages of preparation to relaunch the site, which will feature AsciiDoc's new brand identity. The website design engagement with Ura Design is complete and Guillaume Grossetie is currently working on finishing the implementation based on that design. As of right now, the site is hosted on Netlify. You can find a preview of the site at the following temporary URL: Here's what you can expect to see:

The source for the site is hosted in the following AsciiDoc WG git repository:
My hope is that we can relaunch next week. However, since is a well-established domain, transferring will be tricky and must be handled very carefully to avoid downtime and/or connection issues that could damage its rank. We'll need a detailed, step-by-step plan that covers how the domain and DNS changeover will be performed. We're also working through a dispute with the Eclipse Foundation about how the hosting for is managed. Therefore, I'm reluctant to commit to a specific launch date, so I'll just say the target is asap.

The relaunched site at will serve as a vendor-neutral entry point into the AsciiDoc ecosystem. It will provide the canonical description of AsciiDoc, showcase and advocate for the technology, and connect visitors with key resources. Among those resources are links to the AsciiDoc WG and language specification project, the language documentation, and other tools and resources, including the language processors. This site aims to set AsciiDoc apart from other markup languages by providing a single place where newcomers can start exploring the language and ecosystem. It also features an interactive editor that allows visitors to experience AsciiDoc without having to install any software, as shown here:


The new site will continue to redirect well-indexed URLs specific to on the current site to to minimize disruption for that project. Aside from these redirects, there will no longer be a direct correlation between and the project.

In preparation for the relaunch, we're putting out a call for copy edits. We encourage all members of the SC to review the site and sign-off on the content. Please share your proposed revisions by submitting a merge request to If you aren't able to do that, or if you only have minor suggestions, you can reply to this thread instead.

If you have any questions about the new site or the plan to relaunch it, please follow-up to this message.

Best Regards,


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