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Re: [asciidoc-wg] AsciiDoc implementation for the Java/JVM ecosystem / project proposal

Hello Dirk,

On 13.06.2020 20:20, Dirk Detering wrote:
The reason to supply a native JVM based asciidoc implementation is in
my eyes to give Java developers the full power to create tools and
plugins and orchestrate their toolchain in their native environment,
without having to jump into a different language system.

To explain that from a practical point of view: As Java developers,
trying to find an easily manageable way to maintain developer manuals
and architecture doc, the Asciidoc Maven plugin and asciidoc-pdf were
straightforward, while integrating even the Docbook toolchain was too
much of a burden.
Only that we now brought Ruby somewhere into the formula felt not
quite fine, in case we need to open the blackbox.

I understand that a Java developer will lean to a Java implementation
when creating a build pipeline the same way a Rust developer will lean
to a C/Rust implementation.

I consider all implementations part of the AsciiDoc ecosystem. Time will
tell if there will be one or more JVM implementation.

The new JVM implementation will aim to provide HTML output first.
Reading the other discussions there are good arguments to provide a HTML
output that is the same for all implementations.

To my experience PDF output depends on the library being used. An output
that look identical for all implementations is out of reach IMHO. And
also quite far in the future, as it will come after a stable HTML output.

Best regards,

Alexander Schwartz (alexander.schwartz@xxxxxxx)

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