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Re: [asciidoc-wg] AsciiDoc implementation for the Java/JVM ecosystem / project proposal

Hello Lars,

thank you for your input; I'll add you and OpenCore to the Interested

Please let me know if you see additional requirements that should be
part of the Scope of the implementation project.

Best regards,

On 11.06.2020 15:39, Lars Francke wrote:

this is a fantastic initiative and I actually just needed this a few
weeks ago so I dug into it.
I'm with you for Java 11.

If at all possible and reasonable I'd love it if we could separate the
parsing of AsciiDoc into an internal representation/AST from the
transforming/converting into an output format.

So something like "asciidoc-lib" and "asciidoc-output-html",
"asciidoc-output-pdf" as separate Java libraries.
If I read the "Scope" section (and some of the mails in this thread)
correctly that's exactly what you're planning.
One of my use cases actually involves automatically creating AsciiDoc
from within a program.

Realistically, I won't have much time to collaborate/help so I'll take
whatever you're doing and I'll be grateful either way.

If you'd like you can add me (OpenCore) to the Interested Parties.
Over at Apache Training <> we're also
building Training material based on AsciiDoc and it'd be useful there
as well (admittedly a lack of time has slowed things there as well but...)

@Ben Radey: Pantheon looks very very interesting. I look forward to
seeing more from it.


Alexander Schwartz (alexander.schwartz@xxxxxxx)

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