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[asciidoc-wg] Call to form the Steering Committee under revised terms

The AsciiDoc Working Group has been promoted to active status by the Eclipse Foundation. (See The next step would normally be to form the Steering Committee. However, we're at a crossroads. According to the conditions laid out in the charter, we haven't met the requisite number of members with appointed seats (3) to form a Steering Committee.

We unquestionably have more than enough interested parties. We're just stuck getting commitments from potential members under the terms of the current draft charter. The primary objection is the fees for organizations, mainly that the fees were set without input from the Steering Committee and without a proposed budget. In other words, the process appears to be backwards. The initial Steering Committee should be tasked with establishing the fees based on the resource requirements needed for the group to achieve its objectives.

To resolve this situation, we're putting forth the following revisions to the draft charter (found at

* Eliminate the Strategic Member class so there's only one class for organizations.
* Rename Participant Member to Partner Member (to distinguish from Committer and Guest Members, who are also participants).
* Grant each Partner Member one appointed seat on the Steering Committee (which dually serves as the Specification Committee).
* Eliminate the Working Group fees for 2020*, with no obligation to stay on through 2021 (Partner Members reestablish membership each calendar year).
* Increase the number of elected seats for Committer Members from 1 to 3 (to broaden and balance participation since the number of Committer Members is greater than we anticipated).

(We've attached a copy of the revised draft charter to this message so you may preview these changes in context).

We owe it to this community, and to the time OpenDevise has invested as the Lead Organization, to get this Working Group moving. We're calling on the Eclipse Foundation to accept the stated revisions to the draft charter and to form the Steering Committee no later than June 15, 2020 under the revised terms (assuming at least 3 organizations have affirmed the revisions are acceptable by then). Note that the Steering Committee's first order of business is to ratify the charter.

If you're an organization on the fence about joining the Working Group, please reply to let us know whether these revised terms will enable you to commit to join the Working Group as a Partner Member in 2020.

Best Regards,

Dan & Sarah

* This excludes the obligation and associated fees for organizations to be at least a Solutions Member of the Eclipse Foundation, which is still required.

Dan Allen, Vice President | OpenDevise Inc.
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