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[asciidoc-wg] More about the AsciiDoc Working Group

Fellow AsciiDoc enthusiasts,

Since the inception of the AsciiDoc language nearly 2 decades ago, we've received lots of requests for additional capabilities that writers, integrators, and tool creators want to see incorporated into AsciiDoc. We've also heard from users that they're concerned about compatibility. It became clear we needed an open and neutral space for discussing and developing AsciiDoc, both the language and document model. We approached the Eclipse Foundation about hosting the AsciiDoc Working Group (WG) and they agreed to do so. Their open specification platform provides the processes, policies, and infrastructure that will ensure the success of the AsciiDoc standardization initiative.

Once a charter has been put forth and ratified, the AsciiDoc WG will form projects that focus on the technical aspects of standardization, including the specification, TCK (Test Compatibility Kit), and reference implementation. The AsciiDoc WG will continue to provide direction, scope, and oversight for those projects and enforce compatibility requirements. Software creators who fully implement the specification and pass the TCK will be permitted to declare their implementation AsciiDoc-compliant. This requirement allows users to be confident that the software will parse and process their AsciiDoc content consistently, regardless of implementation.

The AsciiDoc specification will focus on interoperability and portability to provide a stable foundation for information encoded in AsciiDoc. That, in turn, will advance and accelerate the ecosystem of AsciiDoc tools, integrations, and extensions. With the formation of the AsciiDoc WG and the standardization projects, we now have an open, implementation-agnostic forum to propose, discuss, and evolve the grammar, features, and capabilities of AsciiDoc. The AsciiDoc WG will also promote AsciiDoc and coordinate initiatives that educate users and organizations about the value of using AsciiDoc.

We invite everyone reading this message to join the AsciiDoc Working Group mailing list at to stay up to date on the latest developments and activities in the AsciiDoc WG.

Best Regards,


Dan Allen, Vice President | OpenDevise, Inc.
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