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[asciidoc-lang-dev] Notice of intent to move the asciidoc-lang repository

AsciiDoc WG Steering Committee and AsciiDoc Language project leads,

While setting up the resources for the AsciiDoc TLP (top-level project), we learned that the asciidoc-lang repository ( was not created in accordance with the Eclipse Foundation repository strategy (documented here: The strategy states that each project should have its own group and (typically) a primary repository with the same name inside that group.

In our case, the asciidoc-lang repository should have been created in a group named asciidoc-lang. Instead, it was created in the group named asciidoc. This arrangement has created problems with permissions since the beginning as we're constantly fighting against the behavior of the sync script. Additional problems arose when it came time to create the repository for the AsciiDoc TLP because the sync script wanted to recreate the asciidoc-lang repository in the correct location. As a result, we ended up with a second, empty asciidoc-lang repository. Furthermore, all committers got moved from the original asciidoc-lang repository to this empty one (leaving no committers on the original asciidoc-lang repository).

The solution to this problem is clear. The existing asciidoc-lang repository must be moved to the asciidoc-lang group on GitLab. I have asked the Eclipse Foundation to ensure that no data is lost in this transfer. Additionally, I asked that a redirect be set up from the old location to the new one so that existing links aren't broken. In other words, we're aiming for a smooth transition so work on the project may continue uninterrupted.

Although the location of the repository is a concern of the AsciiDoc TLP, I'm looking for approval from the AsciiDoc WG SC since it was the SC that oversaw the process of proposing, initiating, and approving the AsciiDoc Language project (predating the AsciiDoc TLP). In the next SC meeting, we'll vote to ratify that each SC member acknowledges and approves this move. After that, that problems with repository creation should be behind us.

You can find the full conversation that lead to this proposed change in the following issue: While it's no doubt been a frustrating situation, I'm glad we've arrived at a clear solution.

Part of the reason this happened was because of our insistence to create a hierarchy of projects under the asciidoc namespace on GitLab. That's not going to happen. What we've since learned is that the Eclipse Foundation does not allow that hierarchy on GitLab. Projects are organized under groups which themselves are flat. Only the Eclipse projects page reflects the true hierarchy of projects. I have stated that we're willing to accept this constraint.

Best Regards,


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